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VARIOUS : LPx2 Ultimate Rockabilly


32 titres.

LP coloré.

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Disc 01

01. Benny Ingram Jello Sal

02. Bill Flagg Go Cat, Go

03. Willie Ward I'm A Madman

04. Walter Brown Alley Ca

05. Rod Willis The Cat

06. The Braves Woodpecker Rock

07. Kenny Owens I Got The Bug

08. Turner Moore I'll Be Leavin' You

09. Hollis Champion Long Gone Lonesome Blues

10. N. A. Stephenson Boogie Woogie Country Girl

11. The Dazzlers Something Baby

12. Ronnie Self Bop-a-lena

13. Hank Mizell Jungle Rock

14. Garry Warren Werewolf

15. Skeets Mcdonald You Oughta See Grandma Rock

16. Keith Courvale Trapped Love

Disc 02

01. Dwight Pullen Sunglasses After Dark

02. Glen Glenn Everybody's Movin'

03. Charlie Feathers Tongue Tied Jill

04. Lee Mitchell Rootie Tootie Baby

05. Jackie Morningstar Rockin' In The Graveyar

06. Marvin Rainwater Hot And Cold

07. Tony Casanova The Grave

08. Larry Terry Hep Cat

09. Don Woody You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree

10. Parker Cunningham Dry Run

11. Ric Cartey Scratching On My Screen

12. Ersel Hickey Goin' Down That Road

13. Lafayette Yarborough Cool Cool Baby

14. Johnny Denton Hey Baby

15. Joyce Green Black Cadillac

16. Tommy Lam Speed Limit


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VARIOUS : LPx2 Ultimate Rockabilly

VARIOUS : LPx2 Ultimate Rockabilly

32 titres.

LP coloré.

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