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    A1 The Wrong Way A2 Dreams A3 King Eternal A4 Ambulance B1 Poppy B2 Don't Love You B3 Bomb Yourself B4 Wear You Out C1 Staring At The Sun C2 You Could Be Love

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    The Uncanny Valley 2xLP + Bonus LP. First-time, ltd pressing. 180-gr Clear Base with Purple-and-Pink SPLATTER in 350gsm gatefold jacket, with 250gsm printed inner sleeves. Bonus on 180-gr+ Clear Base with Purple-and-Pink SPLATTER LP in 350gsm single-pocket jacket. 16-page LP-sized graphic novel by Ariel Zucker-Brull on high-quality. Heavyweight outer...

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    LP 1-A1 Sun It Rises 1-A2 White Winter Hymnal 1-A3 Ragged Wood 1-A4 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 1-A5 Quiet Houses 1-A6 He Doesn't Know Why 1-B1 Heard Them Stirring 1-B2 Your Protector 1-B3 Meadowlarks 1-B4 Blue Ridge Mountains 1-B5 Oliver James Sun Giant 12"EP 2-A1 Sun Giant 2-A2 Drops In The River 2-A3 English House 2-B1 Mykonos 2-B2...

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Résultats 1 - 3 sur 3.