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    The Uncanny Valley 2xLP + Bonus LP. First-time, ltd pressing. 180-gr Clear Base with Purple-and-Pink SPLATTER in 350gsm gatefold jacket, with 250gsm printed inner sleeves. Bonus on 180-gr+ Clear Base with Purple-and-Pink SPLATTER LP in 350gsm single-pocket jacket. 16-page LP-sized graphic novel by Ariel Zucker-Brull on high-quality. Heavyweight outer...

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    LP 1-A1 Sun It Rises 1-A2 White Winter Hymnal 1-A3 Ragged Wood 1-A4 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 1-A5 Quiet Houses 1-A6 He Doesn't Know Why 1-B1 Heard Them Stirring 1-B2 Your Protector 1-B3 Meadowlarks 1-B4 Blue Ridge Mountains 1-B5 Oliver James Sun Giant 12"EP 2-A1 Sun Giant 2-A2 Drops In The River 2-A3 English House 2-B1 Mykonos 2-B2...

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Résultats 1 - 2 sur 2.