GOBLIN : The Fantastic Voyage Of Goblin

GOBLIN : The Fantastic Voyage Of Goblin

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An outstanding progressive rock group in their own right, Goblin’s name is synonymous with the cinema of Dario Argento, the director of stylised Italian horror. ‘Profondo Rosso’,‘Suspiria’...




Profondo Rosso, Mad Puppet s Laughs, Profondo Rosso, School At Night, Death Dies

Roller, Dr Frankenstein

Suspiria, Suspiria, Witch, Sighs

Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark, Le Cascad Di Viridiana

Zombi et Dawn Of The Dead, Safari, L alba Dei Morti Viventi

Patrick, Snip Snap

Squadra Antigangsters, Sicilian Samba

Contamination, Connexion

Tenebre, Flashing, Gemini

Phenomena, Jennifer s Friends

La Chiesa, La Chiesa

Buio Omega, Quiet Drops

Goblin’s music is astoundingly effective both as rock and in the context of the films and is internationally celebrated as such. Like David Axelrod, Goblin have been widely sampled and are held in great esteem by the Chemical Brothers and those of that generation.

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