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LOW CUT MAGAZINE # 46 - Jens (Denmark) Rating: 5/5 - Masterpiece …or thereabouts! Rome wasn't built in a day, but in 2000 this sexy duo surfaced from the city with a mission to rawk our sorry asses, and 8 years later their 2nd album sees the light of day. Motorama consists of Daniela (guitar/organ/vocals) and Laura (drums, vocals), and these rowdy amazones excel in same sorta trashy rock'n'roll as Demolition Doll Rods, Gories and The King Khan & The BBQ Show - stripped down dolled up dirty lustcrazed garagepunk. If tracks like "Tiki Tramp" and "Tell Me! What!?" (faves of the LowCut R'n'R Radio Show) don't get you on the dance floor then you must be dead from the waist down! There's a damn good chance of cathcing Daniela and Laura on the road since Motorama tours have toured a lot in countries like France, USA, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium...even Denmark. 12 all killa no filla tunes, remember Psychotronic is the beat! (and the best damn exploitation movie magazine ever RIP). If you dig: Demolition Doll Rods, King Khan & The BBQ, Gories

BLOGCRITICS - Aug 08 (USA) - Jeff Perkins Rome's Motorama say that Psychotronic is the Beat !- who's arguing girls ?I haven’t been to Rome for a while, but the last time I checked it out it seemed full of ice cream eating tourists queuing up to see the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So imagine my shock when Motorama’s Psychotronic is the Beat landed on my doormat. Formed back in 2000 and consisting of Daniela on guitar, main vocals, and keys alongside Laura on drums this band really knows how to, not only create a good slab of punk in all its trashy tradition, but also get a great image going that would have me walking the seven hills of Rome looking for them. Psychotronic is the computer game too, I think? Psychotronic is the Beat (Dead Beat Records, 2008) is rough, loud, relentless, bar room, booze filled, exciting, brashy, bratty punk all rolled into one, or should I say two, girls who would give most guy rockers a run for their money. Tracks such as the stompingly good opener “Black and White”, “Tiki Tramp” and “Superalcoholic” set the scene for some full on chainsaw intense rock. Daniela screams out her vocals above the huge walls of riffing and Laura must have arms like a Russian shot putter to produce so much energy in her drumming. They have come up with eleven new tracks that will cause your speakers to walk by themselves and your neighbours to board up their windows. The set is completed by a Motorama take of Gang of Four’s “Damaged Goods”. “Chinese Blues” is as debauched as it gets with guitar scuzz to the fore and Daniela’s screams spitting across it with a scary intensity. “Gossip Reputation” carries on where that left off. “All Right” is power personified and a stand out from the pack. "We are hungry for you", screams the flyer that came with the CD – adding as a Government health warning type message, "we’re here to blow your ears". The track “We’re Here, We’re Hungry” stomps in with Daniela worryingly screaming “give us flesh to chew on”. All rather disconcerting. This is Motorama’s second album, following on from 2003’s No Bass Fidelity, and they pull no punches at all with it coming over with a loud ‘n’ live feel and boot in the head size and sound. With dates all over Europe Motorama are gaining quite a reputation putting on a high energy, lo-fi, fun filled show. The album comes to a surprisingly booze fuelled low tempo ending as the girls take their foot off the gas and are joined by Margaret from The Demolition Doll Rods. If you like attitude and especially if you like girl attitude then Motorama are for you. It’s frenetic, it’s fun, it’s full on, and it’s female. Rocking out with the best of them these Italian girls look good too. If this doesn’t wake up your tendency to behave really badly then there’s no hope for you – you might as well buy an ice cream and join the queue. If you dare visit the Motorama Myspace Profile or their label's site, Dead Beat Records

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