BOO RADLEYS (the) : Giant Steps (Deluxe Edition)
BOO RADLEYS (the) : Giant Steps (Deluxe Edition)

BOO RADLEYS (the) : Giant Steps (Deluxe Edition)

Boo radleys (the)
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Released on 17/05/10. Giant Steps is the third album by the Boo Radleys, released in 1993. NME and Select named it as album of the year. It reached the UK Top 20, but did not spawn a Top 40 single. The title is inspired by John Coltrane's album of the same name.




Disc One I Hang Suspended / Upon Ninth And Fairchild / Wish I Was Skinny / Leaves And Sand / Butterfly Mcqueen / Rodney King (Song For Lenny Bruce) / Thinking Of Ways / Barney (...And Me) / Spun Around / If You Want It, Take It / Best Lose The Fear / Take The Time Around / Lazarus / One Is For / Run My Way Runaway / I've Lost The Reason / The White Noise Revisited

Disc Two Lazy Day (Adrenalin Ep) / Vegas( Adrenalin Ep) / Feels Like Tomorrow (Adrenalin Ep) Whiplashed (Adrenalin Ep) Does This Hurt (Boo! Forever) Boo! Forever (Boo! Forever) Buffalo Bill (Boo! Forever) / sunfly Ii: Walking With The Kings (Boo!Forever). Rodney King (St Etienne Remix) (b-Side I Hang Suspended) / As Bound As Tomorrow (B-Side I Hang Suspended) / I Will Always Ask You Where You've Been Even Though I Know The Answer (B-Side I Hang Suspended) / Peachy Keen Acoustic Version (b-Side Wish I Was Skinny) / Furthur (B-Side Wish I Was Skinny) / Crow Eye ( B-Side Wish I Was Skinny)

Disc Three Tortoiseshell B Side Barney ( And Me) / Zoom Bside Barney ( And Me) / Cracked Lips, Homesick B Side Barney ( And Me) / At The Sound Of Speed B-Side Lazarus / Let Me Be Your Faith B-Side Lazarus / Petroleum B-Side Lazarus / Lazarus (7" Version) Lazarus (Remixes) / Lazarus (Acoustic) Lazarus (Remixes) / (I Wanna Be) Touchdown Jesus Lazarus (Remixes) / Lazarus (St Etienne Remix) Lazarus (Remixes) / Lazarus (Secret Knowledge Remix) Lazarus (Remixes) / Lazarus (Ultramarine Remix) Lazarus Remixes) / Lazarus (Augustus Pablo Remix) Lazarus (Remixes) / Lazarus (12" Version) Lazarus (Remixes)

The Boo Radleys were never comfortable fitting into any of the easily defined categories that Pigeon-holed so many British bands in the early 1990s. Arriving on the scene as shoe-gazing My Bloody Valentine wannabes, they signed to Alan McGee's hip-to-the-times Creation Records,

They surprised everyone by releasing Giant Steps in early '93. Living up to its title, the album is indeed a step above and away both from what their peers were doing and what was expected of the band themselves. The album is a cornucopia of varying influences from the Smiths-y Wish I Was Skinny to the lovely brass arrangement in Lazarus . Giant Steps is a mouthful, containing 17 songs, but it's also their definitive album. This re-issue brings together all the b-sides and singles from around the time into one great triple CD. ….

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