PUSHY PARENTS : Secret Secret
PUSHY PARENTS : Secret Secret

PUSHY PARENTS : Secret Secret

Pushy Parents
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1 * Secret Secret

2 * Hold Me Tight Or Let Me Go

3 * He's My Saturday

4 * Dear John




PUSHY PARENTS was born as a project which was created exclusively for the studio and not for live performances. It was a special type of laboratory experiment, with a super band comprised of four musicians with an array of experiences in other groups, where some even worked as composers, producers and DJs for other respectable artists. Amanda Aldervall always proclaimed herself as a big fan of Amelia Fletcher and she demonstrated that with FREE LOAN INVESTMENTS, and then later with THE BUSY BAND and currently with her solitary project, THE ANDERSEN TAPES, which just released, “As I Write 'Today' Ten Times”. Roger Gunnarsson is another key figure in the current twee pop scene, as he was an important member of the FREE LOAN INVESTMENTS, THE HAPPY BIRTHDAYS and THE GARLANDS. If we had to highlight just one aspect of the career of Gunnarsson,it would be his solitary project, NIXON, with various albums released, increasing their fan base tremendously, within the indie pop world, and of course, with the compositions and productions for Cloetta Paris and Sally Saphiro. The third member in question is Daniel Jansson, former member of THE CONSEQUENCES but better known for playing and composing songs with the reputable Swedish singer, winner of various Swedish Grammy Awards, Anna Ternheim. Finally, Le Prix has been known throughout the music world for productions and remixes, as well as compositions for artists such as Kylie Minogue and Sally Saphiro.

Let’s talk about the first reference because the four compositions included in this limited edition 7” forms part of our collection of groups, “New Adventures in Pop,” which demonstrates from the beginning to end, an unmistakable personality in which the pop melodies of eternal breath, the marksmanship of Swedish pop, blend together in an exquisitely produced ambience. The background of this group is clear, once you hear the end of “He’s My Saturday,” a precious song which starts off sounding like Nancy Sinatra and little by little converts into a bit of NORTHERN SOUL, finishing with those choruses and bells until you get your fill. When you hear the rhythm of the dignified hit, “Secret Secret,” filled with the robust base sounds, you will see for yourself they are tremendously addictive, as if VELOCETTE covered Skeeter Davis under the musical supervision of SLOWDIVE. “Hold Me Tight or Let Me Go” is the perfect song, halfway between THE SMITHS, SAMBASSADEUR and EVEN AS WE SPEAK. After three incredible pop songs with a sixties feel, they say goodbye with “Dear John,” a mix between synth pop and dream pop, such as LUSH and PACIFIC. These songs could possibly be sampled by THE GO! TEAM and fans of BROADCAST would be proud.

Four perfect songs, created and conceived with an enormous amount of detail paid to the sound, such as the arrangements, together with incredible and emotional lyrics focused on love and personal relationships. This marvellously addictive single leaves us with even more desire, longing for more from one of the most promising groups of the current music scene.

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