GOLDSMITH Jerry / HORNER James : CDx8 Alien Boxset
GOLDSMITH Jerry / HORNER James : CDx8 Alien Boxset
GOLDSMITH Jerry / HORNER James : CDx8 Alien Boxset
GOLDSMITH Jerry / HORNER James : CDx8 Alien Boxset

GOLDSMITH Jerry / HORNER James : CDx8 Alien Boxset

Goldsmith Jerry
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Alien 8CD Box Set [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Limited].

By Elliot Goldenthal (Composer)/James Horner/Jerry Goldsmith/John F.




1. CD

Main Title (New)

Main Title (Original)


Hypersleep (Alt)

The Landing

The Alien Ship

The Space Jockey

The Space Jockey (Alt)

The Passage

The Egg Chamber

Eggs or Something

The Egg Chamber (Alt)

The Lab



The Lab (Alt)

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Where is It?

Kane's Death & Burial at Space

Unused Track

Seek & Destroy

Seek & Destroy (Alt)

Here Kitty, Kitty

Questioning Mother

Chasing the Alien (New)

Chasing the Alien (Original)

Fighting with Ash

Death of Parker and Lambert

The Last Survivors

Destruction System Activated Pt1

Scared Stiff

Destruction System Activated Pt2

Away from the Ship

Hidden Alien

2. CD

Final Confrontation

Final Log

End Titles (New)

End Titles (Original)

Main Title - the Nostromo


The Jockey #2

The Jockey #3

Dead a Long Time

The Egg

The Egg (Alt)

Face Hugger

Acid for Blood

The Air Duct

Unused Track 2

The Last Survivors

Breakaway & Signing off

You Are My Lucky Star

Main Title (Re-recording)

Hyper Sleep (Re-recording)

The Landing (Re-recording)

Breakaway (Re-recording)

The Droid (Re-recording)

The Door (Re-recording)

End Title (Re-recording)

Alien Suite

3. CD

Main Titles

Bad Dreams

Dark Discovery / Newt's Horror


Combat Drop

The Complex

Atmosphere Station

The Place is Dead / med Lab

The Unknown Newt

Sub-level 3

Ripley's Rescue


Futile Escape

Newt is Taken / the Elevator

Going After Newt

Finding the Queen

Bishop's Countdown

Queen to Bishop

Resolution and Hyperspace

4. CD

Main Titles (Alternate)

Bad Dreams (Take 2)

Bad Dreams (Take 3)

Dark Discovery (Alternate)

Combat Drop (Take 2)

Combat Drop (Take 3)

Combat Drop (Take 4)

Lv-426 (Film Edit)

Ripley's Rescue (Alternate)

Ripley's Rescue (Percussion)

Futile Escape (Alternate)

Bishop's Countdown (Alternate)

Queen to Bishop (Alternate)


Resolution and Hyperspace (Alternate)

Main Title (Re-recording)

Futile Escape (Re-recording)

Bishop's Countdown (Re-recording)

Aliens Suite

5. CD

Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare

Main Title

Main Title Part 2

The Survivor is a Woman

They Didn't Survive

The Wreckage

The Dog



Outbreak of Cholera

The Cremation

Chow Down with the Boys

How Do You Like Your Haircut

First Attack

Appreciative of Your Affections

That's His Boot

A Mark, a Burn


Candles in the Wind

Bishop Turned on

The Dragon

You're Going to Die Too

It's a Long Sad Story

Clemens Dies

Andrew's Sting

What Are We Going to Do

The Explosion

The Aftermath

I Have to Get to the Ship

The Beast Within

6. CD

In the Basement

Alien's Lair

It Won't Kill Me

I'm Not One for Begging

This Was Her Idea

It's Started

It's Started Pt 2

More Bait and Chase

Trap the Alien-dillon's Deliverance


Hello I Must Be Going

You Can Still Have a Life

End Credits

Alien 3 Trailer Music

Lento (Re-recording)

Adagio (Re-recording)

Alien 3 Suite

7. CD

Main Title (Original Version)

Ripley Reborn

Main Title (Film Version)


Quiete a Grip

Her Majesty

The Prophecy

The Knife

Docking the Betty


A Little One-by-one

After Hours on Deck

A Fast Learner

Call Finds Ripley

Mess in the Mess Hall

The Aliens Escape

The Trap


Ripley's Escape

Wayward Weaponry

Elgyn Killed

The Appearance of Ripley

Sticking Together

Santa Claus in a Wheelchair

Where the Meat is

Small Talk

Ripley Meets Her Clones

"Kill Me"

A Waste of Ammo

What's Inside Purvis?

No Backstroke

They Swim....

The Auton

The Chapel

The Clone & the Robot

The Abduction

8. CD

Purvis Erupts

The Newborn

100 Yards Dash

Ripley's Return

Baby on Board

The Battle with the Newborn

"I'm a Stranger Here Myself "

"I'm a Stranger Here Myself " (Alternate)

Ripley's Theme

End Title

Main Title (Alternate)

Elgyn's Death (Alternate)

Alien Outbreak

Ripley Meet Her Clones (Alternate)

What's Inside Purvis? (Alternate)

They Swim... (Alternate)

The Chapel (Alternate)

The Abduction (Alternate)

The Battle with the Newborn (Alternate)

"Priva Son D'ogni Conforto"

Alien Resurrection Suite

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