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    Zine with interviews. 3"CD include: 1 –Astral Brain Five Thousand Miles 2 –The BV's Mould 3 –Salt Lake Alley But You Do, You Do 4 –Tvärtom Järkyty 5 –Dayflower Popping Candy bonus track: 6 –Stephen's Shore Midvert

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    With interviews to Boyish, The Haywains, The Occasional Flickers... CD includes: Royal Landscaping Society - Red Sleeping Beauty Wallflower - Feverfew Country Club - Sell My Soul Don't Cry Shopgirl - What You Could Have Been To Me Haywains - Emily's Shop (1988 demo) Cristina Quesada + Alpaca Sports - Viaje a los Sueños Polares (live)

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    With interviews to Je Suis Animal, Pale Spectres, Flowers, Tripping the Light Fantastic and Tiny Fireflies CD includes: a1. Hiro - Crystal Days a2. Homecomings - You Never Kiss a3. Je Suis Animal - Tale From the Sea b1. Tiny Fireflies - If It's True b2. Souvenir Stand - Wherever You Go b3. Flowers - Hide and Seek

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    Some interviews sporadically with Aline, Clover, Cloudberry Cake Proselytism, Daydreamer, Nixon, Sweaters and Tamankota! The zine includes one track CD, badge and postcard! Now you know how to be romantic without having to do slapstick or even more pathetic. The Sweetest Touch - First Day of Summer

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Résultats 1 - 4 sur 4.