CATALYSTS (the) : Autumn Everywhere

CATALYSTS (the) : Autumn Everywhere

Catalysts (the)
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Ex The Mixers et Golden Dawn (Sarah Rcds) en provenance de Glasgow.

1 Autumn Everywhere

2 Goes On Forever

3 The Surf Song




After leaving The Mixers (Wha-am Records) and before joining The Golden Dawn (Sarah Records), Ulric Kennedy began recording as The Catalysts. As songwriter and only constant in the ever-changing band line-up, The Catalysts represents Ulric's musical vision, drawing unapologetically on his formative influences. Recent EP releases Autumn Everywhere (Cloudberry) and Long Distance (Spirophone), demonstrate the perrennial 12-string jangle at the heart of the band's sound while exploring a broader pallette ranging from neo-psychedelia through mellow acoustic introspection to Ramones-style punk thrash and shoegaze. Live, The Catalysts are in a permanent state of flux, ranging from occasional appearances with full band line-up to electric or acoustic solo sets by Ulric.

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