MARIA : Oh Victoria!
MARIA : Oh Victoria!

MARIA : Oh Victoria!

YAY 001
6,00 €

First release on the label from Oxnard's very own cuties, proving there's more to the city than just strawberries and gangs.




MARIA formed in 2003 in OXNARD. As the first 7'' on the new YAY! Label, MARIA released "Oh Victoria!", backed with "I Remember What It Was To Feel" and "I Should Be Dead" in May 2006. As part of the YAY! Fanzine (YAY! 3), a new 5" is available (April 2007): "I Must Not Think Bad Thougts". The next 7", "Friends Forever"(YAY! 4), will come out in May 2007. A full-length release is set for later this year on the new Part Time Punks label based out of Los Angeles. YAY!!


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